Our Story

Conquer the daily struggles

Welcome to Eczemaland, the home of immaculate products for your little one's sensitive skin and thank you so much for supporting our small, family run business.

My name is Therese, I am a mum of two young children.

Before I became a mum, I had very little knowledge of food allergies and skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, although I do have very dry skin myself. I came across this debilitating condition in 2018 when I discovered my elder son suffers from multiple allergies and mild Eczema. My youngest son was born in the middle of the pandemic and he also suffers from multiple allergies and Eczema except his Eczema is more severe. I’d never seen anything like that before, with oozing and weeping skin.

I spent days, nights, weeks and months on blogs, forums and websites looking for a solution for my little boy’s Eczema, as skin conditions and allergies just weren't priorities in the middle of the pandemic.

I just wanted one place where I could search for all I needed, instead I was left getting information and products from many different places and those products simply didn’t work.

Thankfully, my little one's Eczema is now better controlled and so I decided in 2021 to create Eczemaland where you can find everything you need to protect your little one’s skin and save time and effort for parents.

Our first product was "Go Scratch Free" mittens as my youngest son will constantly scratch until he bleeds.

When he started teething, I noticed straight away that he was a serious drooler and the conventional bib on the market will not do the job. I used to change bibs and clothes every hour due to the wetness of his clothes. His chin, chest and neck were always wet and this was triggering eczema rashes as well.

Running a washing machine every day to be able to have clean bibs available the next day became mandatory, but something needed to change. So, our super thick bib, perfect for soakage was born.

Eczemaland's objective is to help parents and adults with all types of skin conditions and allergies to conquer the daily struggles.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us at info@eczemaland.co.uk