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Leo & Gabe Bamboo Scratch Cardigan

Leo & Gabe Bamboo Scratch Cardigan

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Baby Scratch Mittens

Named after her two little ones, Leo & Gabe double layered "Scratch Cardigan" was designed in the UK by a mum of two suffering from Eczema and Multiple Allergies. Her kids will constantly scratch until they bleed.

As she never found the perfect mittens in terms of fabric, shape and size to prevent them from damaging their skin and that will also prevent their little fingers from feeling totally squeezed inside the mittens because of the lack of room, she decided to create these revolutionary cardigans.

Scratch Cardigan was designed and developed to be used every single day and night with no worries, thanks to the hypoallergenic and breathable fabric that is Bamboo. They cover more than just those tiny hands; these mittens have long sleeves that protect both the hands and the arms. That means fewer scratches from those exploring little fingers, especially when trying to figure out how to control their movements. And when it's chilly out, these long sleeved mittens keep the arms warm along with the hands. It is super useful, especially for outdoor adventures or during colder weather.

No More Scratch Woes

Imagine your baby's little hands are discovering this brand-new world around them. But sometimes, these curious hands can accidentally scratch their delicate skin, especially when they're just getting the hang of moving them around or when they're fast asleep. Long sleeved mittens cover those tiny hands and arms and keep them safe from any scratches. They ensure that your baby's explorations don't lead to any little mishaps, and allow them to freely move and discover without worrying about accidentally scratching themselves.

Wrapped In Comfort

Say hello to warmth! With their longer sleeves, these mittens keep both hands and arms cosy, perfect for those colder days or when they're playing outdoors. Additionally, when it comes to comfort, our cardigan takes the crown. Crafted from hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable bamboo fabric, it wraps your little one in snugness throughout the day. Keep your little one comfortable and content with whatever adventures they're embarking on.


Our long sleeved mittens are the ultimate protectors for your little one's delicate skin. They act as a shield against potential irritants like rough fabrics or surfaces that might cause discomfort. Moreover, our mittens go beyond forming a neat shield against the elements. Depending on their material and design, they limit exposure to sun rays, pesky insects, or even wind, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and protected while exploring the world around them.


Key features:

  • Our cardigan is hypoallergenic, soft and breathable thanks to the bamboo fabric.
  • Mittens are designed with a maximum of room so that your little one’s fingers do not feel squeezed and they can keep playing and holding toys easily whilst wearing the mittens.
  • Cardigan is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin, during flares up, chicken pox and any itching episode.
  • An elasticated neck to prevent the cardigan from sliding off the shoulders
  • A complete bagging out of the seam inside the mittens to keep little one’s fingers away from the stitching.


Six sizes available: 0-6M, 6-9M, 9-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M, 2Y-3Y

Organic fabrics

  • Double layered mittens for a padded effect.
  • Inner layer: 95% Certified Organic Bamboo and 5 % Spandex
  • Outer layer: 95% Certified Organic Bamboo and 5 % Spandex

Care Instructions

  • Wash in cold water
  • Tumble dry at gentle heat and
  • Iron at low temperature.

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United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


I am so happy with my purchase! My son used to be up and down all night with scratching, but the nights he has this on he sleeps through! Which is amazing and something I never thought we’d achieve. My only issue is the size, we got the age he is (2years) and it fits my other son who is (6years)

Chloe SVG verified by SHOP
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best product I have found for my baby who deals with severe eczema!

Stephanie K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I am so glad I came across these, they have been a godsend for our son. He is 6 months and is constantly scratching at his head and face throughout the night, with this he can no longer cut himself. I would highly recommend to anyone, the scratch mittens are also great.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Perfect purchase!

Bought 2 of the scratch cardigans for my grandson, Gabriel . Love the fact that this is a family run company who knows what it is like to experience caring for a young child with eczema. Perfect to help him hurting himself scratching. Arrived very quickly after ordering. Thank you :).


Leo&Gabe - Eczemaland

Amazing! Thank you so much for the lovely feedback and glad to hear that the scratch cardigans were for another Gabe xxx