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Food Allergy Awareness Cotton white Sweatshirt

Food Allergy Awareness Cotton white Sweatshirt

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Tell people about your food allergies when parents are not around. But how can you say it when you are just too young to talk?

With KnowMyAllergies products, no longer will your child’s allergies/intolerances get missed.

Product Description

We have selected 18 potential food allergens that are predominant at the moment in young children.

The caregiver will have to select the relevant allergens and colour with a red waterbased textile permanent pen and half an hour maximum later, the garment is ready.

The sweater comes with a free textile pen, the ink is waterbased, child friendly, made in Germany and was tested several times and approved by Eczemaland.

It can be washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius once fixed.

There is also an instruction for use that is shipped with the Sweatshirt.

White Sweatshirt

Fabric: 100% Cotton, perfect for a chill summer evening


How to use our KnowMyAllergies Sweatshirt

  1. Place the garment on a clean, flat and hard surface
  2. Fold the wrapping tissue in 4 and put it inside the garment. This will prevent the ink from soaking through to the back of the sweatshirt
  3. Select the appropriate food allergen and colour until the entire circle is covered in red
  4. Remove the wrapping tissue, turn the garment inside out, put the wrapping tissue inside the garment, then iron(without steam) for a permanent fix.

An Instruction for use is shipped with the garment

Packing List

Sweatshirt, instruction for use and a free textile pen.

Shipping & Returns

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