What is the Best Defence Against Dry Skin?

What is the Best Defence Against Dry Skin?

So, you have dry skin and you might be having a big struggle, dealing with your dry skin. Before we study the rough, flaky depths of dry skin, we first need to diagnose the actual source of this dryness. You might wonder how dry skin can be misdiagnosed, right? Turns out, dry skin can be misunderstood for dehydrated skin. It would be alright if this was purely semantics, but if you want to find the right skincare routine to take care of your dry skin, you need to first understand the cause behind it.  


Dry skin is not a passing phase, it is usually a lifetime struggle. Dehydrated skin something may come and/or go. Dry skin lacks oil and is a result of your physical feature. Dehydrated skin lacks water. If your skin lacks water, it could because of an impaired skin barrier. This often gets worst with stress, weather and over-use of harsh cleansers and acids.  

A good home-based test to diagnose your skin type is to wash your face with a cleanser, pat it dry, and leave it for an hour. Do not apply lotions, serums or anything on your face. If after an hour your skin feels dry and there is no oil on your face, you have dry skin. If, however, your skin is oily, yet feels dry, this means you have dehydrated skin.

If you have dry skin, you lack natural oil in your skin as others, and you need to supplement by choosing a natural moisturiser high in oils to keep your skin soft and restore oil to your skin. One of the best moisturisers for dry skin is Eve Anais’ Calming Skin Balm. It is an all-natural, skin-caring balm for dry, sensitive & irritated skin. With ingredients like raw organic, cocoa butter & organic Shea butter, this is one of the finest creams for dry skin available on Facebook and Instagram.

Skincare for Dehydrated Skin

If you have dehydrated skin, your skin may actually be oily. However, it’s also possible for your skin to be both dry and dehydrated at the same time. For dehydrated skin, it is important to look for building up your skin barrier. Look for moisturises with Hyaluronic Acid to attract water to your skin. It will act as a skin guard and help keep moisture from evaporating, which makes it a perfect ingredient for dehydrated skin.

Whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, flaky patches can bother you feeling rough around the edges. These conditions are aggravated by severe weather- hot or cold, as well as moist and humid temperatures. Dry skin is also considered sensitive skin. Cougar Passion Fruit Body Butter nourishes your skin and keeps you hydrated all time. Passion Fruit contains antioxidants in it like Vitamin A, C, Riboflavin & Carotene. These antioxidants help reduce the production of free radicals in our body and keep your skin protected from early ageing.

Check the Ingredients  

A part of managing dry skin is making sure you are using the right product that does not contribute to dryness. Some regular products contain harmful chemicals that have a deliberate drying effect on the skin. Check all your skincare products to make sure they are 100% Natural and Organic Products. Many lotions and moisturisers have alcohol in them will only give you temporary relief while adding to your dryness and making it worst over time. You might try buying creams and moisturisers lotion from natural suppliers or checking with a dermatologist to find the best product to combat your dry skin. Thus, you got the perfect answer to dry skin that is concerned with ageing.
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