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Bamboo Scratch mittens

Bamboo Scratch mittens

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Our Story:

Double layered "Go Scratch Free" was designed in the UK by a mum of two that suffer with Eczema and Multiple Allergies. Her kids will constantly scratch until they bleed.

As she never found the perfect mittens in terms of fabric, shape and size to prevent them from damaging their skin and that will also prevent their little fingers from feeling totally squeezed inside the mittens because of the lack of room, she decided to create these revolutionary mittens.

Go Scratch Free mittens were designed and developed to be used every single day and night with no worries.


Key features:

  • Our mittens are hypoallergenic, soft and breathable thanks to the 100% organic cotton and bamboo
  • Designed with a maximum of room so that your little one’s fingers do not feel squeezed and they can keep playing and holding toys easily whilst wearing the mittens.
  • Mittens are perfect for babies’ sensitive skin, during flares up, chicken pox and any itching episode.
  • A perfect opening length to get the mittens on so easily
  • Two straps with 2 adjustable pairs of poppers. 
  • A complete bagging out of the seam inside the mittens to keep little one’s fingers away from the stitching.


Four sizes available: 0-6M, 6-12M, 12-18M, 18-24M

Organic fabrics

  • Double layered mittens for a padded effect.
  • Inner layer, strap & sleeve: Certified Organic Cotton
  • Outer layer: 95% Certified Organic Bamboo and 5 % Spandex.

Care Instructions

  • Wash in cold water,
  • Tumble dry at gentle heat and
  • Iron at low temperature.

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