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Aeroplane super absorbent cotton bib

Aeroplane super absorbent cotton bib

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Our super thick and soft bibs were born in the UK out of a mother's determination to solve a daily dilemma. When her second born started teething, the flood of drool was unmanageable. Regular bibs proved inadequate, and her baby's clothes were constantly drenched. To make matters worse, the persistent wetness was causing uncomfortable skin irritations.
Frustrated with the never-ending laundry and bib changes, she decided to take matters into her own hands and created a super-absorbent, ultra-soft bib that became a game-changer for drool control.
Key features:
  • Our bibs are the ultimate solution for parents dealing with serious droolers. These bibs are designed to soak up moisture during teething, feeding, nursing and more.
  • With four adjustable poppers, they guarantee a secure fit from newborn to 36 months.
  • Our bibs offer ample coverage to protect your baby's clothes from messes during feeding.
  • Crafted with 100% premium cotton, our bibs are soft and gentle on sensitive skin. We've designed them with total binding to prevent any irritation on your skin.
  • Our bibs are soft and comfortable, allowing your little one to wear them for extended periods without the need for frequent changes. However, we don't advise leaving the bib on children while they sleep.
  • A must-have for babies with eczema-prone skin, our bib's exceptional absorbency helps prevent rashes around the neck, chest, and chin.
  • Equipped with four poppers, our bib ensures secure closures for narrow, normal, and widest fits.
  • It measures 30cm in length, 24cm in width, and 16cm from chin to bottom.
Triple layers:
  • Front & back: 100% premium cotton
  • Middle: 100% fleece polyester
Care Instructions
  • Wash in cold water
  • Reshape while still damp
  • Clothes Airer only
  • Do not tumble dry as bib may shrink
  • Iron at a low temperature

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